“Then you tell me quietly,How long does it take?”

“This is a secret!Secret!Even the boss,Can’t say!”
One thousand three hundred and thirty-six chapters Surprise
The space channel to Shenmin Continent was finally opened,Under the hard prayer of Huang Shaotian priest,Plus a core of the ghost giant as a sacrifice,The bright dragon god who has never been generous,Finally showed its benevolent side,Let these long-lost wanderers finally get the possibility to go home。
“Fortunately!”Huang Shaotian said confidently。
Before she entered this plane,Just a small third-level priest,Can actually complete such a difficult sacrifice event,Successfully ignited the spatial coordinates,So that the glory of the bright dragon god can shine on this new plane,This has to be said to be an almost miraculous occurrence。
And because Huang Shaotian completed this sacrifice,Awarded by the Bright Dragon God,Direct and successful promotion,Became a second-level priest,The spirit in the body is much richer than before。
Mi Xiaochong looks more excited than her,Because of Huang Shaotian’s success,Explain that I have a good vision!The girl who is struggling to pursue,Achieved quite impressive achievements,Became a second-level priest at a young age,This is in the temple system of the entire Shenmin continent,Are extremely rare。
of course,This is mainly because the sacrifices hosted by Huang Shaotian,The most high-end offerings are used,God’s grace,The level of priests will naturally increase quickly。
“Brother Wuhao,Space channel has been opened!Let’s go in!”Huang Shaotian said excitedly。
Lu Menglin nodded,The first big step into the space channel。
With a light curtain shaking,Layers of halo,A figure passes through the light curtain,Standing in the Guangming Dragon Temple。
Followed by,One after another,Through the light curtain,Appeared in the hall。
The priests and temple guards who guard the temple appear calm,Didn’t show any surprised expression。
Because like this kind of god people who return through the plane channel,Every day,And there are still a lot of。
Able to enter the plane channel,Explain that they sacrifice,Has obtained permission from the Bright Dragon God,Under normal circumstances,The priests and guards will not stop,At most just count the number of people,Just count the other party’s family and history。