Jin Soyan and Su Xuehen looked at each other,Both of them were surprised。

Kim So Yeon stepped forward,Chuckle:“Forget it!This kid has the same surname as me,Let him go。”
Lu Menglin shook his head,Impatiently:“I didn’t mean him,You two hide in the store first,Too gray。”
Kim So Yeon was slightly taken aback,Immediately alert,Holding Su Xuehen’s hand,Not say a word,Walked towards the cafe door。
“Kids,You too,Don’t stand here stupidly。”Lu Menglin looked at the dumb blond youth in front of him,Said indifferently。
The voice has not fallen,I only heard the roar of a helicopter in the air。
Three Cobra gunships appeared above the road ahead。
quickly,A large number of heavily armed troops appeared on the road,There are hundreds of people,And there are many mutants with strong breath。
The most exaggerated is on the other side of the street,There are also several latest Tiger tanks.,The thick barrel points in the direction where Lu Menglin is.,Show great force。
At once,The crowd on the whole street panicked,Where have these ordinary people seen such an exaggerated posture?,Looking for cover,Or just hid in the house。
Jin Zhirui, the blond young man, was dumbfounded,Such an exaggerated battle,Is it for this friend in front of me??
Damn it!Who is he?!To deal with him alone,To put on such a big scene,It’s ridiculous that I was arrogant in front of such a person just now,Still want to fuck him?It’s like the old birthday star hangs,Too long!
Jin Zhirui said nothing,Rushed into the cafe without looking back。
After all, this is a bustling neighborhood,Even if those troops are crazy,It is impossible to actively attack civil buildings,Those planes and tanks are mostly just shock,Just put on a non-stop posture。
But he dare not stay with that person,Stop talking about cannon,Even if it’s the airborne Vulcan cannon on a helicopter, it’s a shuttle,He can’t bear it。
Helicopter hovering all the way,The distance is getting closer,The tank at the end of the street rumbling all the way,Don’t care about the cars on the street,Run over directly。
And those soldiers including powerful mutants,Also surrounded them,Enclose Lu Menglin in it。
“Mr. Lu Menglin,Because you are suspected of entering the country illegally,Now i announce,Arrest you according to law。”From the tweeter of one of the helicopters there was a strong and powerful voice.。
Facing the aircraft cannon,Surrounded by hundreds of heavily armed soldiers,Somebody is still,Only the clothes are blown away by the wind。