Qin Yan looked up at Long Qianyuan,A look of disgust and hatred,But helpless。

After Long Qianyuan saw Qin Yan calm down a little,,Patted her face,Then walked to the side of Jiang Yu。
He raised the crossbow again.Pointing at Jiang Yu and said to Qin Feng,“Still you have to choose this?This woman looks pretty。”
“But people are too simple,I was caught by my subordinates,Qin Feng likes such a simple woman?”Long Qianyuan is still in the mood to ask Qin Feng。
Jiang Yu naturally stared at Long Qianyuan fiercely,Still cursing Long Qianyuan in his mouth,Although Long Qianyuan and the others don’t understand。
Then Long Qianyuan went to Jiang Yan and used a crossbow.Point the bow at Jiang Yan’s head,Said to Qin Feng,“Maybe this is more to your appetite,Can grow,It’s also amazing!I heard that she has made any special medicine,Related to your body?”
“I’m afraid you two are the best partners,But you can’t be together until Huangquan Road。”
After speaking, Long Qianyuan left the three of them and walked to Qin Feng’s front,Looked at Qin Feng and said,“Why did I finish the introduction,Have you made a decision?Which one to choose to survive?”
Qin Feng looked at Long Qianyuan expressionlessly after he had done this series of actions, directed and acted by himself.,No response at all,Just looking at Long Qianyuan coldly,Impatience in the eyes,But it’s getting more and more obvious。
“You don’t play these tricks for me。Don’t you want my genes??how?Lao Tzu, my body is so attractive to you,Let you chase me for so many years?”
“But I look down on you,How do you bounce,It’s just a jumping clown。I thought I was so great,Self-directed and performed these boring tricks。”
Qin Feng looked at Long Qianyuan standing in front of him and said coldly。
He really doesn’t want to play with this person anymore,So he said to Long Qianyuan,“Do any tricks?,I’m standing here,Let you see what true power is。”
“you!You can’t give up until the Yellow River,I will let you try,The taste of being beaten into a sieve。”Long Qianyuan said angrily。He just fell off,Everyone on the top of the mountain took out the crossbow at their waist.bow,Aiming at Qin Feng。
After Qin Feng watched it,Just said with a soft smile,“Ah,Just these crossbows.bow,You are so embarrassed to take it out。I feel ashamed for you。”
Long Qianyuan was once again annoyed by Qin Feng’s arrogant appearance,So he didn’t care about what games to play with Qin Feng,Yelled an order to his hand,“All for me to this person
,Kill him。”