Long live Hu brother:“Hey!Spot,Nomination level is not the point,The point is that Brother Hu is here。Anchor,You are getting lucky today。”

“Who is Brother Hu??”
So many players on the platform,I haven’t heard about most of Brother Hu,After all, newcomers who have only been broadcasting for a few days,Although there was some noise。
Everyone, go and check the number of the brother Hu who just came in,Found out to be an anchor,Still a rookie anchor,Some people can’t help but laugh。
Xiaoli was surprised,Others don’t know Brother Hu,How could she not know?The guild group has long been announced,Brother Hu will join their guild,I didn’t expect to come to her live broadcast room so soon。
What made her even more unexpected was,Brother Hu is outside her live broadcast room。
Hua Zi glancedPKCase,The makeup of the host opposite is too heavy,Like a woman,Don’t understand,Someone would rather support her,Don’t support Xiaoli here。
can only say,Turnip greens,All have love!
Follow Hu’s orders,Hua Zi input two characters:“Come on!”
Zhuang Fan originally wanted Brother Hu to interact on the public screen,But Brother Hu is such a cool person,Thought,Let’s find opportunities for other guild anchors to connect with Hu Ge in the future.!
Xiaoli forced herself to calm down,Focus on:“Thank you, Hu, for your cheering!I will work hard。”
then,Introduce to my brothers in the live broadcast room,Brother Hu is the main anchor of their guild,I hope you don’t underestimate it、Nonsense etc.。
PkEnd time,Less than a minute left。
The female anchor opposite is still yelling,Knowing that there is no win here,Still try to confuse everyone to make gifts,That’s how it is when the anchor,no way。
She already thought about it,I’ll punish the opposite anchor,Show me some benefits for my brothers in the live broadcast room。Her favorite is to use the hue of other female anchors,To quote.To lure my brothers to pay。