“Next,This playground is running ten laps directly,I don’t set the time,You can run down,That’s it。”

Qin Feng said so,But so many people watch,Who dare not try his best?
Even if they don’t want to rush,But it’s impossible for Leader Chen to allow such a thing。
To know,These people are their faces。
If so many people can’t hold it all at once,That’s very useless。
Ten laps are four kilometers,This is not much。
But at the beginning,Everyone ran desperately,Because they all know that they are doing better this time,Qin Feng will pay more attention to them。
“Chen Leader,Are there any female soldiers on your side?”Qin Feng suddenly thought of something,Because he didn’t want Jiang Yan to encounter some trouble again,No one can protect。
“what?Not this one,Do you need it?If needed,I also have some comrades here, there are some retired female soldiers,They still have a headache,Such a baby soldier will be useless,But now it seems not。”
Leader Chen was also very happy to say,He is really happy,After all, many things can be seen。
Qin Feng also thought about it:“If possible,Then introduce me to a few。I also have some high incidence,You might have heard of it too?Those bastards have used what kind of means for profit。”
“understand。”To say something before,Leader Chen didn’t pay much attention to this side,But after knowing what Qin Feng thought,He also quickly arranged for someone to understand the situation。
This also knows that Qin Feng is being watched by some domestic and foreign forces。
Those guys are also because this is domestic,So there is no way to be unscrupulous,But even so,Those guys also started all the messy methods。
Those players are very proud,In the second round, none of them dropped the chain。
Originally Qin Feng needed more tests,But he thinks about it,The quality of these people is about the same,If more,That’s too much。
“Row,If these people have intentions later,,Then you can contact me directly,I will arrange someone to pick you up,There is advance
Talk to me,I have a good place to stay,Is this ok?”