This reincarnation,Every turn is a catastrophe。

Only after disaster,Live again,To kill the true spiritual space origin law,Others can awaken most memories。
Chapter Twenty Three Reincarnation
Sunset,A bright moon shines,On a sacred mountain,A figure emerges。
Tap your fingertips,A streamer fell into the mountain。
Since will《Reincarnation》After complete creation,Li Ming isn’t in a hurry to go to reincarnation。
Before reincarnation,Also have to prepare。
first,Li Ming intends to obliterate the original law of space at the same time,It will inevitably affect other Dao。
Even with his causality,Inspiration on the true spirit,He must also be,The perception of Minghui Avenue and others are sealed,To reincarnate smoothly。
Of course some metaphysical knowledge of Tao,Some simple magical secret techniques are not among them。
of course,From another perspective。
Li Mingruo is completely reincarnated,After thoroughly dissipating the memory of the original law of space,As long as we can realize the opposite destruction of heaven,These memories are restored。Destruction of life,Great progress in the mastery of chaos,It’s also a shortcut to practice—and,His reincarnation was spread in the name of this。
Second come,Li Ming also plans to leave some caves in the ancient world of Pangu,Store some of your own magic weapons。
After reincarnation,Retrieve these magic weapons,It also helped me a lot。