Teach you to breathe correctly and prolong life

Teach you to breathe correctly and prolong life

“Breathing is one of the most important life activities of mankind.

“The chairman of the Chinese Medical Association Respiratory Diseases Branch, Liu Youning, director of the Department of Respiratory Medicine of the General Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army, told the Life Times reporter that breathing includes both lung ventilation and the transportation and exchange of gas in the blood.

“People usually understand the breathing, more refers to the breathing movement, that is, the thoracic rhythm enlarges and shrinks, completes inhalation and exhalation.

This can provide oxygen to the body, emit carbon dioxide, and ensure the normal operation of life.

“Lung is the main place for gas exchange between the body and the outside. Although the volume is not large, the alveolar wall area is about 70 square meters.

A British yoga master once pointed out that a person’s lungs are as large as two footballs, but many people use too little breathing because they can’t penetrate the lower end of the lungs, so most people use only in their lifetime.1/3 of the lungs.

  There are many ways to make a simple breath, mainly divided into abdominal breathing and chest breathing.

  Liu Youning pointed out that modern people often sit in the office, most of the exercise, many people breathe shallow and short, only chest breathing.

Wang Xi, a swimming instructor at the Capital Institute of Physical Education, pointed out that this type of breathing is very small every time. The ventilation is insufficient at normal respiratory rate, resulting in the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the body, leading to hypoxia, dizziness and fatigue.

“In order to better utilize the potential of the respiratory organs, people should consciously deepen their breathing and avoid quick and shallow breathing.

“Wang Hao said.

  Long Cunxiu, president of the International Yoga Association of Japan, said that although people often do not realize that they are breathing, but they can control the physiological state of the person in one breath, breathing is equal to vitality and is also an update.And the power of metabolism.

“The way to breathe is the way people live.

For example, a person with a violent personality will not breathe.

“He found from his teaching that a large number of modern people have become weak and weak, and the oxygen content in the blood is reduced. Together with the imbalance of diet and lack of exercise, various chronic diseases will follow.

If you can correct your breathing habits and develop good breathing quality, you can have a passport that is healthy.

“What are the great benefits of deep breathing? So what are the benefits of doing deep abdominal breathing?

First, deep breathing can dialysis respiratory diseases.

Common respiratory diseases include chronic bronchitis, high blood pressure, emphysema, and the like.

The lungs of these patients are inelastic and dilated, affecting lung capacity.

Deep breathing can gradually enlarge the muscle contraction force, which is beneficial to the effective expansion of the chest and lung, enhance the energy of the intercostal muscles, and gradually restore its elasticity and vital capacity, thereby achieving the purpose of treating and relieving the disease.

  As a result, deep breathing is closely related to hypertension.

This is a deep-breathing hypotensive method tested by Professor Kitamura of the Japan Autonomous Medical University. The principle is that human lungs are called alveolar pouch fragments, about 3 billion.

In the case of general breathing, only 80%-90% of them can work fully, and the remaining alveoli are wasted.

If you take a deep breath, you can make the remaining alveoli work.

When deep breathing in the abdomen is used, the alveoli located in the upper part of the lungs is open; while in the deep abdominal breathing, the alveoli in the lower part of the lungs are also opened.

All alveoli in the work are producing prostaglandins, and by deep breathing, 80%-90% of the alveoli that were originally working have more prostaglandins than the original.

In this way, more prostaglandins enter the blood vessels, thereby expanding the blood vessels and lowering blood pressure.

Three times a day, three times a day, every 10 minutes will have an effect.

  Again, deep breathing can help people decompress and relieve symptoms of insomnia.

Lu Yifan, a professor of sports medicine at Beijing Sport University, said that when people actively adjust the depth and frequency of breathing, they can effectively relax the tight nerves and relieve the worry.

Some of the obesity pain caused by stress, the pain will be alleviated by breathing exercises during yoga.

People with insomnia can also use breathing to help fall asleep.

By reducing the breathing rhythm and smoothing the breath, you can alleviate the symptoms of insomnia.

  Most importantly, deep breathing promotes healthy longevity.

American scholar Hill pointed out in the article “Requiring vitality from breathing”: “The controlled deep breathing exercises can restore the brain to eliminate fatigue, regulate the nervous system, and make people relaxed and comfortable.

The reason why deep breathing has such a large effect is that the amount of gas that a normal person inhales and exhales at a time is only 400 ml-500 ml, and the deepest breath, the male can reach 3500 ml, and the female can reach 2500 ml, which is equivalent to the usualInhale 8 times, so that life gets a lot of energy.

“How do I learn how to breathe properly and learn how to breathe properly?The most critical point is two points. Lu Yifan pointed out that one should slow down the suction, that is, when inhaling, it should be even and slow, try to suck deeply, let the gas fill the alveoli; the second is to forcefully vomit and spit clean, so thatAll of the waste is discharged from the body, and more gas is exchanged.

The most scientific breathing method is: “Suck—stop (holding 10-20 seconds)—-” breathing form, which can increase the excitability of parasympathetic nerves, and also increase the number of bowel sounds, which is conducive to digestion and absorption.This is good for health and longevity.

  The respiratory method advocated by Long Cun Xiu is based on deep abdominal breathing, and gradually makes the muscles of the lungs, ribs, diaphragm and other muscles move to the maximum extent during breathing, allowing the air to fill the “all breathing method” of the lungs.
“In the beginning, it is not necessary to practice deliberately. The ultimate goal is to integrate life. All kinds of postures and movements are combined with breathing.

“Long Cunxiu said that this will better control the strength and rhythm of the body and improve efficiency.

For example, when climbing a mountain with a breathing method, there is no such thing as a mountain symptom such as a headache; a golf swing can swing farther.

This method of breathing can be practiced on a bus, walking, working gaps, or trees facing a park.

Especially in the face of sudden asynchronous situations, the breathing method can adjust the physiology and stabilize the mood in a timely manner.

  In the fresh air outdoors, you can also consciously take more deep breaths.

Wang Wei said that the specific method of breathing is to slowly inhale from the nostrils. During the inhalation process, the chest is lifted up, the abdomen will slowly swell, and then continue to inhale, so that the whole lung is filled with air, then the ribs are partiallyWill lift up, the chest will expand.

This process usually takes 5-10 seconds, then hold the breath for 5-10 seconds, pause for 2-3 seconds, start a new breath, repeated practice will become a correct breathing method.

  Lu Yifan also pointed out that long-term adherence to physical exercise, breathing can also be improved.

For example, swimming makes people’s lung capacity as high as 5000-7000 ml; far greater than ordinary people’s 3000-4000 ml; long-distance running is the most obvious increase in maximum oxygen uptake; push-ups can increase muscle capacity around the chest wall and increase respiratory muscle strength.