The two are going to compete here。

Learn from,Not a fight for life。
After all, they are both members of the Immortal Palace of the Dao League,Not necessary yet。
even,Both of them have decided on just three moves。
Three strokes。It’s enough to figure out most of the strength of a practitioner。
“Emperor,please!”Li Ming arches his hands,But a white jade fairy sword cuts through the void,Form a protective body。
“Be careful!Although only three tricks,But I will do my best!”Emperor Jinyu laughed,Strong golden light in his hands,A pair of golden and stone giant hammers appeared in the palm,Under one hammer!
First4chapter The strength of the Lord of the Holy City
One hammer drop!
Even in the main hall of the fairy palace,The space opened up alone can’t avoid some ripples。
“This is the power of the Lord of the Holy City,Sure enough!”
Li Ming was a little surprised,Without the slightest fear。
Among the white jade fairy sword,Unity of mind and mana,Power soars instantly。
The protective field formed by the white jade fairy sword,Form a huge and incomparable array,One pole is pure light,And the other pole is the ultimate darkness。
Liangyi Bodyguard,Void Unloading Force,Extremely tough。