Xia Jianyi thinks,Nodded,Acquiesced to Guo Meili’s request。Guo Meili greeted Zhao Hong and others,I walked quickly towards the taxi at the entrance of the village。

Because I went to the mountain yesterday,So Xi Zhen drove faster today,About ten thirty,The car has stopped in Shuijing Village。
Just got out of the car,Village Chief Chen greeted him。He laughed:“Mayor Ouyang,You are coming,The villagers are waiting“Xia Jianyi heard Mr. Chen say this,Can’t help but feel happy,It seems that this is half done。
In the yard of Mr. Chen’s house,A large group of people who have sat down,There are more than a hundred。Ouyang Hong couldn’t help but frowned and asked:“Chief Chen!There are only 105 households in Shuijing Village, right??Why are so many people here at once“
“Hi!I was troubled with this,I didn’t expect the villagers to hear that someone rented the land,That’s exciting。Some husbands can’t be home,My wife followed,Some even their sons are here,So it seems a bit too crowded“Mr. Chen said,Let Ouyang Hong and Xia Jian into the house。
Several older elders are already sitting in the house,They all seem to be around 70。Xia Jian understood at a glance,These talents are the ones who speak in Shuijing Village。
Xia Jian who understands rural routines,And greeted these old people one by one。Village Chief Chen was busy introducing Xia Jian and Ouyang Hong to these old people。
An old man with gray hair coughed twice and said:“I want to ask this boss,What if you lied to us?Such as not giving money“Rural people are simple,The questions asked are also very real。
“Ha ha!This old grandpa’s worry is a bit redundant,We are renting your land,Even if it’s buying your land,The land is not in your Shuijing Village,We can’t move。For example, we did not fulfill our promise,You can take it back,You can also go to the court to sue,Let me bear the liquidated damages“Xia Jian patiently explained to these old people。
Who are in the yard at this time,All rushed to the door,Many people have climbed onto the window,Everyone wants to hear。
“it is good!well said,In our Shuijing Village,As long as you don’t follow the rules,We can take back the land immediately。last question,How to pay the rent?Will not be the first land,Pay us rent again!We don’t do such a thing”The old man said again。
Xia Jian laughed,Raised his voice and said:“Logically,We paid the rent for twenty years。But this is not very good for you,Because we still want to divert water to the village first,Rebuild the road。So the rent is paid in installments,A contract,Pay for the first year,And so on,Pay the next year’s rent first every year,So you will have money every year”
“I personally think this method is good,If all the money is given to us,Some people are not easy to control,Maybe we will use up the rent for these 20 years in a year,Moreover,People have the conditions first,The installment payment is to divert water and build roads in our village“At this time, Village Chief Chen intervened and said。
Several old people bowed their heads and talked for a while,Then which old man,He shouted out the door loudly:“You should all have heard。If there is no opinion,That’s what we have to do in front of us?“
Silent outside the door,It seems that everyone has no opinion。The white-haired old man laughed and said:“Popular desire,It seems this can be done,The last is the most important question,How to talk about this rent?“
“This one is also simple,We have hired professionals to calculate。One, two and three,I think you know,We will refer to the standards of your village when the land was divided,Set the standard for each house first,Then measure,Count as much。This by our staff,And the representative you chose,And the villagers signed together to determine how?“Xia Jian said loudly。
The white-haired old man touched his hair and smiled:“Good good!This is very fair and reasonable,Please talk about rent“