Ouyang Hong frowned,Said a little wronged:“I don’t know what i did wrong?On the issue of Liuling Village,I don’t want to say more,Thousands of people,Is it because of Liu Gui’s sentence of “dragon veins”,We are going to stop the road,Isn’t the water drawn??”

“You did it right,And also very strategic,Unite the heads of several villages to put pressure on Liu Gui,And Xia Jian from this venture group,I heard that I even beat people,Who gives you the rights”Wang Youdao asked angrily。
Ouyang Hong didn’t mean to be afraid of him,But with a cold snort:“mayor!Speak with facts,It was Liu Gui who brought the villagers to make trouble,Not only prevent construction,And also surrounded the village committee of Zhangbao Village,Did Xia Jian make a mistake??”
“All right!I don’t want to entangle you in this matter,I just say a word to you now,Please for your future,And my future,Bypassing Liu Gui’s ancestral grave when building roads,Go as far as you can go,You and I can’t afford this person”Wang Youdao took a turn,Speak softly。
Ouyang Hong shook her head and said:“late,Fought overnight last night,The entire mountain road runs through,Start hardening today,Strive for completion within a week”
“what?Then you mean to flatten the ancestral grave of Liu Gui’s family”Wang Youdao,Stood up excitedly。
Ouyang Hong said with a smile:“Flat is not,It’s just a distance of ten meters away from their grave,This is the limit,Save more,This road can only be repaired into the ditch”
“Good good!You Ouyang Hong are great,Not so powerful,He actually came to me, slaughtered first and played later。You tell me,Is this Xia Jian’s bad idea again?”Wang Youdao beat the table with his fingers in a very corrupt manner,Look terrifying。It seems that Ouyang Hong caused him a big trouble。
Guo Meili stood up and said:“Mayor Wang,The road construction map was drawn by technicians of Ping Metropolitan Transportation Bureau,It was originally intended to level Liu Gui’s ancestral grave,Only then can the roads be built up to the standard。we Mr. Xia considered the special characteristics of this family,So I bypassed the road for ten meters,This is already a violation,The curvature is too large,To cause safety hazards to future driving”
“Your project,We didn’t agree with the development,Now it looks like this,You asked me to explain to the leader?”Wang Youdao was talking,Moved out of his leader。
Guo Meili smiled and said:“Mayor Wang,Our venture group invests in Pingdu,Your government must first support,If you have difficulty,You can’t do it,Well!We can divest them all,Even at a loss,We don’t invest in your city anymore,This is the order of the chairman”
Wang Youdao didn’t expect Guo Meili to say that,But he reacted quickly,Immediately said with a smile:“Manager Guo,This is not a joke”
“ What a joke?Counties and cities around Pingdu,Have invited us multiple times,The conditions given by others,Much more than here,Do you know why we still invest money here?Just because Xia is always an urbanite”Guo Meili said with a smile。
Wang Youdao didn’t speak any more,But sat back。If Guo Meili really doesn’t dare to take it lightly。Fifty percent of Pingdu’s investment is invested by venture groups,If they really went to other counties,What to do in this flat city?
Wang Youdao, who was thinking twice, suddenly smiled at Guo Meili:“Your venture capital investment,Our government will strongly support。As for some local things,Is our management,Don’t get involved”
“Mayor Wang!Liu Gui’s nature in Liuling Village is relatively bad,Although he is an old man,But he also knows how to gather crowds to make trouble,Yesterday, if not for our workers’ restraint,I don’t know what the two sides will be like,Mayor Wang doesn’t know this, right?!”Guo Meili is still very calm,She whispered to Wang Youdao。
Wang Youdao glanced at Ouyang Hong,Asked in a low voice:“Is this true?”
“So many people see,This thing can be fake。Once yesterday’s incident happened,You can go to CCTV news,Our Pingyang Town is going to be famous”Ouyang Hong said with a smile。