Is it so accurate?。

God bless。
Zhou Ye went to the mouth of the mouth,I thought no one saw no concern.。
The cardiac medicine turned to see him wash hand regulations.,I have no eyes that I have laughed.,Also favor。
“it is good,Let’s go back!”
Two people maintain their hands in their chest,Firmly walk。
After two people change clothes,Preparing to go to the stage。
But when I walked at the door,Director looked at the Ying Ye,Suddenly:“Wait to wear a lead,May eat radiation,Are you afraid?”
Zhou Ye knows the risk of increasing room,But now,Be too critical,He has completely calved it.,He shook his head:“Not afraid。”
Make,Zhou Ye went such a young doctor entered the intervention room……
This hazard can imagine……
But now there is no suitable human hand,Ugh。
The two will slowly enter the intervention room.。
“director,Blood pressure has been maintained100/60Hg。”
Zhou Yewu stands closest to the location,See the blood pressure measured before the small screen。
It seems that it has just been sent in,Medical,Blood pressure is gradually stable。
The two came with a breath together.,I found that the other’s move and smiled。
The cardiac doctor said that two sentences were inexplicably“Can”,Only two people know。
Looking at the surgery knife,Zhou Ye I pressed my excited mood.,Serious and solemn。
The cardiac doctor has steady holds the guy in his hand.,Don’t say these pipes,Even if the sharp blade can’t break free in his hand,Where is the fall?。
“director”Equipment nurse hand over the gauze。
Etude,Cardiologists think this should be able to see the heart coronary stenosis or blockage。
It has led to such a serious heartborne shock,Still not the coronary blood supply??
Cardiologists are unbelievable look at the picture,I turned to look at the Zhou Ye just talking.,Also seen in his eyes。
Zhou Ye wants to。
This situation,Even if there is a slight clogging, it is impossible to cause such serious conditions.。
The cardiac medicine has highly examined some,Pointing some coronary artery:“These arteries are very good,No obvious blockage。”
“You look,Only this slight narrow narrow narrow。”
Several doctors have seen the coronary artery pointers pointers,you see me,I see you have some faces.2
“Lu Zhiwei is now not wonderful.,Since I have already got my heart,Enlace,I will never allow it to go out.。”
Xu Dao suddenly took a table,Some seriously。
A few years of young doctors who are scared in the scene are almost tinnitus.。
Especially the middle-aged, the middle-aged, a middle-aged,Almost directly。
This atmosphere has become serious.。
“Agency,Old Xu。”Zhang Hua Teng’s cup of the cup,Fear, etc. Xu Dao is also a table,Waiting for his little heart can’t stand。