[Let ‘s put aside the stubborn woman to make life more passionate]_Women

[Let ‘s put aside the stubborn woman to make life more passionate]_Women

When the passion of newlyweds recedes, the burden of life is in front of the eyes, and all kinds of pressures have to be faced. At this time, even “I love you” that can be said by just moving your mouth will not say, let alone the interest to enjoy the intimacy between husband and wife,Over time, this will definitely affect the relationship between husband and wife, and even the stability of the marriage relationship.

At this time women should not be too reserved, smart women will use flirting, sexy and emotional to seduce him.

Flirting transforms flirting, it is not vulgar behavior, but elegant, confident performance.

If you have time, you may change your outfit, which can make sex more passionate, and make your husband and wife life more sexually blessed.

First, in the days of losing passion, men’s jerseys do not prevent the men’s jerseys from being worn out, no pants or skirts, and the first and second buttons unbuttoned. This looming feeling can definitely seduce him.!!

Why can men study in women’s jerseys?

There is a saying that you want to seduce a man, please unbutton your New Jersey button.

This is because the breasts are a sign of a sexy body, which emits ambiguous and sexual information. Medical scientists say that the least moisture in a man’s body is his hands, and the most moisture in a woman’s body is the breast.

Wearing loose men’s jerseys, the breasts were faintly rippling, and naturally the hearts of men were rippling.